Finding Necklace Length: 

To find the perfect length for your new necklace, use a flexible tailors tape or string. Wrap it gently around your neck and measure where you want your necklace to hang.  If using a string, lay it against a ruler to get the length. 

Finding your bracelet or anklet size:

To find your bracelet length, we recommend using a string to mark how tight/loose you would like your bracelet or anklet to fit.  Wrap it around your wrist/ankle, mark it with your finger or a pen and lay the string on a ruler to get the measurement.  

If you prefer a tight fit, add 1/4" to 1/2" to your exact size. 

If you like a just right fit, add 3/" to 1". 

For a more relaxed fit, add 1 1/4". 


Message us with any questions you might have. 

Find your ring size:

Find your favorite ring and use a ruler to measure the internal diameter of the ring. For additional help, download our printable ring sizer here. 

Internal Diameter (mm)                             Ring Size

14.1                                                                  3

14.9                                                                  4

15.7                                                                  5

16.5                                                                  6

17.3                                                                  7

18.1                                                                  8

18.9                                                                  9

How to layer:

Start with a base layer that sits right around your collarbone. 

A chocker is the perfect option.


After choosing your first length, move up 2" each layer  (or more, depending on how many necklaces you want to layer) 

We love the look of a a customized bar, disc or charm.

Keep moving an additional 2" for every necklace you want. 


Layer your small disc/pendants on top, and the bigger ones on the bottom.  

pro tip